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Round 3 AFL Preview

  Last Week           7/8           Season Total      15/21   Here we are into Round 3, the fourth round of the season.   I’ve barely had time to catch my breath.   So full is my life with goings on that I haven’t been able to sit and watch much footy.   I forgot the Grand Prix was on and there were probably numerous other sporting events I missed.   I think the world Tetris championships have come and gone and I was catching up on events on the weekend and noted that Australian Andrew “The Annihilator” Ngai won the Excel World Financial Modelling Championships for the third year in a row.   I think I caught some of the action and was blown away by a blistering utilisation of the VLOOKUP function.   It was compelling viewing.   Congratulations Annihilator.   And don’t laugh…guaranteed these eSports competitors probably earn more than you.   Western Australia won the Sheffield Shield again proving to Collingwood that dynasties are still a thing. This week the AFL has had its own ba

Round 2 AFL Preview

Last Week           6/9           Season Total      8/13   An odd thing happened to me this week.  I placed a bet that Vladimir Putin would win the Russian election, which by all accounts he just snuck in.  I should have checked the odds though as the bookie had him at negative 10:1 odds so now I owe him 10 times the amount I bet.  Those bookies really know their stuff.  Given his name was Alexey, perhaps I should’ve known better. The biggest attended Round 1 in history.  It’s all good news for the AFL.  But nobody tell them that technically it was the second round.  How can they keep making it bigger?  Maybe add another team and we can fit more games in.  Enter Tasmania, who launched their team this week despite the spectre of elections hanging over their head which could set footy back another 100 years.  But the team already has 100,000 members so nothing short of a 150,000-seat stadium will do, if you want to win an election under democratic rule.  Tasmania…Van Diemen’s Land…Tr

Round 1 AFL Preview

Last Week           2/4           Season Total      2/4 Normal transmission resuming.  Yep.  Round 0 or Opening Round has been and gone without so much as a by your leave.  Was it a success?  By every measure yes.  Thankfully the AFL handles the measures which can only have a single answer.  For me, it was a bit flat, but I’m sure if I lived in NSW or QLD and liked footy and wasn’t occupied with other stuff because this round is so early in the year then it would have gotten my seal of approval.  Not being in SA also meant that Gather Round was a bit flat for me last year so it would seem, for me at least, the ultimate measure of a successful round is location.  A bit like real estate, I guess. With normal transmission this means that Round 1 is upon us with a healthy dose of 9 games that need attention.   I still wish we had another week off though.   I haven’t seen Blue Hawaii in a long time and am still wondering if The Professor and Mary Ann ever made it safely off the island.

2024 ROUND 0/Opening Round/Round A/Pre Round 1 AFL Preview

Well didn’t this just sneak up quickly?  Long though the summer may have been, once footy season starts, it heralds the start of a new weather pattern.  One where dark clouds of annoyance gather in households as footy mad partners stop doing chores on the weekends.  One where children assume their footy mad parents have gone into hibernation as they are barely seen except to mysteriously deliver a nightly dinner to the table…unless their team is playing, then it’s take out night.  The off-seasons are getting shorter and shorter and they seem somewhat filled with sport.  Cricket, in its various forms starts almost immediately after footy season ends and footy season is now starting so early there is competition with cricket at which grounds to host things.  I recall the good ol’ days when there was a break between the end of one sport and the beginning of the another and those two special Saturdays where the TV lineup was filled to the brim with Elvis movies and Gilligan’s Island re-run