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Round 7 AFL Preview

Last Week 7/9       Season Total 36/54 While the holiday was nice and the Eclipse was outstanding viewing, it is good to be back to the daily grind and shirking my responsibilities in order to get this preview out.   That being said, if anyone reading this has kids and has never been to Karijini to explore the gorges…book now.   What a wonderful natural playground we have in our own backyard.   St Kilda vs Port Adelaide               Marvel Stadium                Friday Night What a great game to start the round off.   Port Adelaide have turned around a mini form slump to play some scintillating football and St Kilda just keep ticking all the boxes to lead the league.   But let’s get to the crux of this matchup.   This is a revenge game, a grudge match from a demolition job done at Jiangwan Stadium back in 2019.   St Kilda will be looking to avenge that loss as they were embarrassed in front of a puzzled crowd of 9412 people in a match that will echo through ages.   St Kilda onl

Round 6 AFL Preview

Still on an outback adventure, this week I’ll be parking the family in line to view the total solar eclipse and hopefully produce some nice enough exposures fit for sale.   When I say exposures fit for sale, I’m talking about some pictures of an occluded Sun or some nice Solar Prominences, not the Ginnivan or Crisp types of exposures.   That’s the kind of exposure no-one wants.   Fremantle vs W. Bulldogs Perth Stadium    Friday Night This is the annual Len Hall game in Perth .   Fremantle usually put on a great and respectful show to celebrate the life of Len Hall and all the servicemen and women who have served our great country so well.   This match is the day after the solar eclipse.   Will there be some kind of trickery as a result?   Was this eclipse factored into the horoscopes of each of the Fremantle players or will Mars retrograde motion unleash hell on the Bulldogs?   The Footscray Faithful finally feel free for forward flings flummoxing Fremantle’s frenetic physical fo

Round 5 AFL Preview

Your intrepid Previewer is away for a couple of weeks so the Previews for Round 5 and 6 have been done ahead of time.   I’ll be about as far away from technology as humans can possibly be in this country and I’ll have no way of knowing what’s been happening in the AFL and what backflips either Analysts or Fredericks have been doing.   Adelaide vs Carlton         Adelaide Oval    Thursday Night It’s Gather Round.   Billed as a way to bring everyone together in one place, during a pandemic, to see how we all get along?   I see Gather Round as an experiment.   Not in the medical pandemic sense where people in lab coats are calculating R numbers and publishing papers just when the P-value hits the specific spot that proves their hypothesis.   No, this is an experiment where we say…”Hey, Ed Sheeran!   You think your Sheerios can ‘F-up’ an oval?   Well we will play 6 games of footy in 3 days on one ground and show how to REALLY F-up an oval.”   This is the first of those 6 matches.   A

Round 4 AFL Preview

Last Week - 6/9                  Season Total - 15/27 Brisbane vs Collingwood              Gabba   Thursday Night Brisbane turned in a lackluster performance last week against the desperate dogs and will be keen to get back to the ‘Gabbatoir’ and attempt to give the red hot Pies a mauling.  Collingwood on the other hand, dispatched Richmond in the wet.  It was always dangerous playing Richmond as I have a long-held theory that injuries are like a contagious disease.  Richmond like playing unclean football and now due to a lack of hygiene protocols, Collingwood is without a recognized ruckman for the next few weeks.  If only they had a Brodie Grundy they could call upon!?  Instead they will be plumbing new depths to solve this ruck crisis so don’t be surprised to see an odd looking homunculus standing in the centre square at bouncedown.  They should see if Monkhorst can call in sick at Hawthorn for the week?  I think the Pies will be pretty good at sharking the ruck, but Brisbane