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The State of the Game

Last Week 5/9      Season Total 142/207 STATE OF THE GAME In the end the score was 142 from 207 matches.   This is a success rate of about 68.6%.   I was aiming for at least 70%, close, but I think I took a few risks in the last few rounds that didn’t pay off.   And, while that score was reasonable high, it wasn’t enough for me to win any of the competitions I was in.   How did you fair?   Were my tips helpful anyway?   Probably not. The race has been run for 10 teams now and those supporters are now just wishing the finals would hurry up and be over.   But I ask you to spare a thought for your mates that still have teams live in the finals and give them the recognition and kudos that their team has earned for the year.   Best practice is to politely say, “Get Stuffed, <insert derogatory name here>.”   This usually conveys the appropriate level of warmth and friendship that such a feat calls for. Next week I’ll cover the finals preview but this week I can talk about the s

Round 24 AFL Preview

Last Week 5/9     Season Total 137/198 And so, here we are at the back end of the season.  Seven teams are confirmed for the top eight and two teams will be fighting it out for that last coveted position.  The Matilda’s unfortunately fell short but united the nation against England like so many teams before them have before.  I really feel like things – in general - are coming to a close.  The Ashes gave way to the Netball World Cup which then gave way to the Soccer World Cup.  What will fill any voids that I have in my life now?  Family?  Work?  Self-Improvement?  All great things I’m sure but there must be something else out there…?  Thank goodness for the Basketball World Cup which starts this week!  Is this the year of World Cups?  After The Basketball is the Rugby World Cup which overlaps with Golf’s versions of a World Cup and then the ODI Cricket World Cup is on!  That is a serious amount of crockery on offer this year. And alas there is a bye next week.  What do we do with

Round 23 AFL Preview

Last Week 6/9     Season Total 132/189 Like many people on Saturday, I sat down and watched the Matilda’s pulsating penalty shootout to reach the Semi Finals before I settled in to watch the Carlton v Melbourne match.   What a conundrum this put the AFL in.   Great as it was for them to put it on the big screen at the MCG, to then cut that coverage during a cut-throat and tense Extra Time with a penalty shootout looming left many sports fans in general a bit miffed.   The AFL was torn between showing an historic event that all of Australia were getting behind and showcasing a rival sport that they would happily stab in the kidneys and steal their wallet if they could.   For the World Cup Soccer, it was scintillating viewing.   I was literally on the edge of my seat and even slipped off the couch at one stage.   But, if there is a better way to resolve a stalemate than a penalty shootout, they should probably look into it.   It seems a bit tough to run around for 120 minutes and th

Round 22 AFL Preview

  Last Week 7/9     Season Total 126/180 One thing I like about history is being able to go back to a time when things were better.   If you’re a Collingwood supporter this is two weeks ago, or a Port supporter it is about a month ago.   But what I’m more talking about, since it’s fast approaching, is AFL Finals.   I was a big fan of the McIntyre Final 8 system which was used by the AFL from 1994 to 1999.   These were the glory days of footy when big scores were often kicked, and you’d hope you were on the right side of the ledger.   For those who are too young, or like me have fast-failing memories, the McIntyre Final 8 system had the first week of finals being 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6 and 4 v 5 and then things got complicated.   Firstly, what I liked about it was that finishing higher on the ladder mattered.   In the current system, if you finish 1 st or 2 nd , you have the same probability of making the grand final.   Under the McIntyre Final 8 system, your chances at position one was

Round 21 AFL Preview

Last Week 3/9     Season Total 119/171 Every now and then the competition throws up a round of upsets.   The important thing is to be on that train when it arrives.   Sadly, I was not.   But neither was anyone else in the competitions I am in so damage was limited.   The most irritating thing about it all was that for the first time this season you could confidently sit down with the ladder predictor and feel like your machinations would be correct.   Then all of a sudden you have to waste more time doing it all again! This week was the start of retirement season in the AFL.   It started with a bang when Buddy Franklin, injuring a calf, got the scans back that made him pull the pin on his career.   Like Buddy, calf injuries ended my career early too.   Yep, you read that correctly, I just compared myself to Buddy Franklin.   I’d say that I was a lot like Buddy in my short career in country footy, the only real differences were a shit-tonne of ability and about 1040 goals (and perha