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 What a fitting finale to the season.  The buildup was wonderful, the parade was delightful, the pre-game entertainment was on point and the match itself was absolutely riveting.  Of course, all of this is now lost.  The AFL used to be great.  A team would win the big match and that success could be reveled in for months.  Here we are, merely two days after what was described as the greatest grand final in recent memory and the AFL top stories have already moved on to trade news.  Reading articles today, I’m wondering if the 2023 season even happened at all?  I often wonder what the point of it all is if the success can’t be enjoyed with a bit of clear space for at least a week.  It’s a bit like sitting through the visual delight of a Kiss concert and not seeing the trademark guitar smash…! The match was a pulsating display and certainly worthy of a great season.  With 10 lead changes during the game, the largest margin being 13 points and the result not a certainty until the final 1