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Round 11 AFL Preview

Last Week 6/9      Season Total 65/90 Soooo much stuff happens week to week.  When I wrote last week, Clarkson and Hardwick were still coaching their teams and not even a week later, they are not.  But I might park the specific footy commentary until I preview the games to talk about another subject, a bit more personal.  I went to bed on Thursday night with a giddy feeling in my tummy about the upcoming weekend of footy matches, knowing that I just had to push through a few hours of work first.  I woke at 5am and the giddy feeling had turned to a slight uncomfortableness which then gave way to searing pain.  My time had come, I was going to pass this kidney stone now.  By the time I got to hospital, I was ambivalent over the receiving of treatment or deliverance from pain through firing squad.  Luckily, the Emergency Department was quiet, and they got me in straight away.  After 8 different people asked me the same questions eight times, they said the magic words. “Let’s get you s

Round 10 AFL Preview

Last Week 7/9      Season Total 59/81 Before we get into the AFL stuff this week, one clever number cruncher noted that my tipping score was wrong.  Looks like I forgot to carry the one (well, actually, I did carry it…twice).  This tipping caper is so much easier when you just make up your own numbers, but fair is fair…I guess I’ll put it back to where it should be.  Thanks John. This week is Sir Doug Nicholls Round, which is the annual round where we celebrate the contribution of indigenous players and staff at footy clubs and in the community.  I would hate to think what our game would be like if we didn’t have any indigenous players running around so get out there and enjoy them! In other news, it looks like the Tassie team has the wobbles already.   I get where they’re coming from.   It does seem a bit decadent to spend $715M on a stadium when there are so many other problems around at the minute.   Coupled with the fact that $715M will probably end up being $1.5B and Gillon

Round 9 AFL Preview

Last Week 9/9     Season Total 54/72   If there’s one thing for sure, the AFL never disappoints to create a headline.   This week we saw/heard a booing controversy and a perplexing tribunal decision.   I think enough has been said on both subjects, but in case you were under a rock for the week, the summary is…if you intend to boo someone, make sure your heart is in the right place and if you’re going to spoil the ball, make sure your bicep is in the right place.   What’s happening in this week’s matches to distract us from the AFL soap opera?   Richmond vs Geelong    MCG       Friday Night Richmond returned to the winners’ circle after a win over the West Coast Eagles.   It wasn’t one brimming with confidence though as Richmond had only just pulled away from West Coast in the last quarter.   They’ll want to be better against the 5-in-a-row Cats who are now entrenched in the top 8 and all those doom and gloom stories of the first three weeks are but distant memories.   Geelo

Round 8 AFL Preview

Last Week 7/9     Season Total 45/63 It’s been a big week for the AFL.   Finally, a new AFL CEO has been appointed.   It’s funny that a year-long comprehensive and global search, leaving no stone unturned to find the absolute best possible person out of the 7.9 billion people on the planet, finds out the best person was in the office next door.   It’s hardly surprising really.   Allegedly in interviews, Dillon simply said he was a lawyer, and you have some legal issues coming up and when they interviewed Gary Quan, rice farmer from outback Vietnam , he was a little hesitant presenting his 5-year vision for the business transformation of the game.   I blew my interview when quizzed on my internet history.   Apparently, my cookies show that the same team always wins when I do the ladder predictor, and this ruled me out.     But, is anyone else suspicious of the replacement of Gillon with Dillon.   Is this a play by the media so they can simply roll out the same old stories from the l