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Round 1 AFL Preview

Round 1 AFL - 2020 As I am sure you can appreciate, this preview has been an especially tricky one to put together. At the time of writing, the below fixture, and venues, are all I have to go on BUT this could change at any time during the remainder of the week, and even into the weekend. Unfortunately, this is likely to be the situation for a fair-sized portion of the 'evolving' 2020 AFL Season.  Still, at least we'll have footy to watch on the TV this weekend, even if we can't go to the games. Thursday Richmond vs Carlton @ The MCG - 19:25 In a match that is always a bit 'rough around the edges', I am expecting the scores to be closer than you would think, in a game being played between last year's Premiers and a team that wasn't. The Blues have a bevvy of quality youth pushing through the ranks, and generally give the Tigers a reasonably tough time of things in the first fixture of the season. From the Tigers 'best 22' they are pr