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Round 7 AFL Preview

  Last Week           2/8           Season Total      35/55   The competition keeps throwing us some curveball results in an effort to confuse and annoy us tipsters.   So confusing are the results that even my Statistical Leviathan thinks that Saint Kilda is the best team in the league currently (not from what I saw on the weekend) and Carlton aren’t even in the best 8 teams (not from what I saw on the weekend).   The worst thing about that is that I rely on the Statistical Leviathan when things aren’t obvious as it was designed to straighten up those curveballs.   But here we are after a very embarrassing score of 2 for the weekend with a gigantic statistical model I have been meticulously maintaining for 7 years and I just can’t trust it.   It’s also not lost on me that the only tips I got right last weekend, according to my preview, were because of house prices and ants. So, after such a poor tipping result last weekend, I say welcome to the Round 7 Preview – Hindsight Edition.

Round 6 AFL Preview

  Last Week           5/8           Season Total      33/47   The AFL has a habit of throwing up a lot of stories every week that can be written about.   And certainly, they get written about…a lot.   But perhaps not as much as the stories that don’t require being written about…journalists seem to write a lot about those ones too.   I imagine journalists have KPI’s about how many articles they write so they have to find stupid stories to write about.   I recall I had a job where the number of social media posts I did was a KPI.   I failed that KPI a lot.   The one time I achieved it I wrote a bunch of posts about ants.   My job has nothing to do with ants, I just know much about them, nevertheless, I wrote the posts, and they ticked the box that I achieved my KPI’s which kinda makes you wonder what businesses REALLY care about.   And journalists ask some ridiculous questions sometimes.   The other week a journalist, waiting patiently to ask his one question, finally got his chance wi

Round 5 AFL Preview

  Last Week           9/9          Season Total      28/39   Well, Well, Well, didn’t South Australia turn it on for us all?   It was an exciting round with some exciting finishes and some unexpected performances.   I’ll admit, I was a bit harsh on the matches scheduled for Mount Barker, but both were entertaining.   Yes, that’s right, I was actually able to stop and watch a few…or at least listen to them as I beavered away in the yard and garage.   And geez, I think there is much to talk about for individual teams so let’s dispense with the pre-amble this week and get into the matches for Round 5…the 6 th Round.   I managed to snag 9 winners last week (along with most other punters) and I was within 2 goals of the margin in 6 of those matches so I feel like I might know what I’m doing.   Of course, a new round of tipping is a perfect way to ventilate the smoke I’ve just blown so eloquently up my own… Melbourne vs Brisbane                 MCG       Thursday Night Brisbane finall

Round 4 AFL Preview

  Last Week           4/9           Season Total      19/30   Last week was one of those disastrous rounds of tipping where everyone tips the same because it was so obvious, but then the results don’t go that way.   There’s always one smug tipper who wins that week, usually from Canada, who often asks questions like “why do they get six point for putting the puck through the tall poles?”   The results on Easter were somewhat of a shock in some cases but provided some levelling in the competition.   Although maybe not when you look at it.   There are still four teams undefeated and 5 teams without a win.   That just leaves 9 teams that have evened themselves out.   It’s hard to say by looking at the ladder what with the vagaries of the Opening round and the early bye period. This week though we are without a bye as all teams head to South Australia for Gather Round.   I like the way the AFL have accepted that the draw is compromised and so just leant into it and compromised it some