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Round 19 AFL Preview

  Last Week           7/9           Season Total      97/153   What a week to take a vacation.   There was so much to write about.   Adam Simpson exited West Coast and Heeney lost his Brownlow.   Could there be a bigger story?   I mean, someone would have to take a shot at an ex-President to be a bigger story.   Oh!   Well, he did say he’d give his right ear to be president again.   Now, the way things go there in the US he will be a shoo-in for the next top guy, and he’ll do it with substantial donations from the NRA.   It’s a funny old world, isn’t it? Last weeks’ vacation was jam-packed with good times for the kids.   So much so that now if my daughter is sedentary for more than three minutes, she tells me how bored she is.   I guess that’s a success.   This week is the last week that won’t be interrupted by The Olympics as the opening ceremony is the week afterwards and some of the events which take a long time like Rugby and Soccer actually start before then. So, shall we ta

Round 18 AFL Preview

  Last Week           4/9           Season Total      90/144   I’m writing this week’s preview a week ahead of schedule because I’m taking a pilgrimage to Melbourne to actually go to a game at the MCG.  It’s a trip I don’t do often enough anymore but having young kids comes with responsibilities apparently.  I’m taking the kids, one who will see their first game of footy so why not expose her to 80,000 rabid Collingwood supporters and expand her vocabulary.  Don’t worry, the trip is actually about the kids, and we will be doing loads of stuff for them.  This is the one Dad activity for the trip. As I don’t have last week’s results to share with you yet, I can instead tell you a couple of things not to do with your tipping.  They can be summed up as ‘don’t look back.’  I took a look back at my tipping to see if I could learn anything given my penchant for a bit of data analytics.  Looking back, you’ll find the team that you get wrong the most.  Normally this is because of entrenche

Round 17 AFL Preview

  Last Week           5/9           Season Total      86/135 Once again, the footy proved difficult to pick.  I was busy the whole weekend so didn’t watch a second of it.  Thankfully the stuff I was doing permitted me to listen to almost every second of it on the shortwave radio.  Well, I was streaming it on my phone so, I think it goes like this…the shortwave of the radio at about 90m in length gets converted to electrons at a base station and then converted to a 5G wave which is about 70mm in length.  It is then processed by my router where it is converted to electrons again and then back into electro-magnetic waves and re-distributed to my phone at my wi-fi wavelength which is around 45m, where it is then converted to electrons and then back into sound waves and broadcast as normal sound at varying wavelengths which my ear converts to electrons and gets interpreted by my brain and somehow separated from the deafening roar of my tinnitus.  The upshot is, after about 16kg of carbon