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Round 3 AFL Preview

Last Week 3/9     Season Total 9/18 Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane   Marvel Stadium               Thursday Night Footscray looks like a team in a bit of disarray.   One of the early favourites to do well for the year and a dire loss to St Kilda makes the start of the year troublesome and a very long road to the finals from here.   But the Western Suburbs of Melbourne was always an area where people would just roll up their sleeves and get it done.   Can they do that against Brisbane ?   A terrible loss in round 1 was followed by a stirring victory in bizarre circumstances at the Gabba in Round 2.   While I may have got that tip wrong, I did suggest that one way Brisbane could beat Melbourne was with a well-trained individual on the roof of the Clem Jones stand with a rifle.   Not to say I’m some kind of Nostradamus, but I reckon I’m some kind of Nostradamus! In the after-match interview, Dayne Zorko said he heard something that sounded like gunshots and then the lights went out.  

Round 2 AFL Preview

Last Week 6/9     Season Total 6/9 Carlton vs Geelong         MCG      Thursday Night Did Carlton let it slip last week?   Are Geelong too old…again?   These are the questions that have been pondered for the week by all of the expert analysts.   In reality the problem for both teams was Ed Sheeran.   Not a problem in the sense that Ed was bursting out of the forward line on a tearing lead and slotting goals from all over the 50 arc.   No, Ed works in more insidious ways by infesting the ears of the commonfolk with catchy tunes and pithy lyrics such that they gather in masses in giant paddocks stomping and killing lawn and generally making it hard to play a game of footy a week later.   What does this have to do with this weeks match?   Not a lot really, but it was good to get my thought about that Sheeran jerk out in the open (actually, your correspondent kinda likes those catchy tunes and pithy lyrics…again, jerk!)   Both Carlton and Geelong will be keen to NOT start the season

Round 1 AFL Preview

Richmond vs Carlton      MCG      Thursday Night   The 2023 season kicks off with the traditional firecracker match between Richmond and Carlton .   When the AFL first came up with this great idea (well the clubs did – the AFL just said, yes) it quickly turned into a disaster as Richmond were a perennial 9 th placed team and Carlton were doing ok after their recovery from their Salary Cap breach in 2002.   Then it was just as much a disaster as Richmond built their dynasty while Carlton languished.   But these clubs have consistently opened the season every year since 2007 (except 2014 when they played in Round 2 for some reason).   How will these teams shape up for the year?   Time will tell…or maybe statistics can tell us.   Based on previous results, the margin is likely to be between 20 and 30 points   But more likely to be 28 points if Carlton win and more likely to be 20 points if Richmond win.   Confused?   Just tip Carlton by 23 points   Geelong vs Collingwood    

And the Previews are back for season 2023!

Great news. We have a new Previewer 😀 'Azza' has been brave enough to provide the Previews each week! Below is a bit of an intro from him.... Welcome to the 2023 AFL Season.  It’s my pleasure to bring you a preview of each game every week this year on behalf of the team at  I’m hoping that I can bring a bit of entertainment to the forward looking week of footy matches and who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two…but it certainly wont be about tipping as I’m pretty rubbish at picking a winner.  Even though I back it up with well thought out drivel and a data bank of every statistic ever gathered since biopoiesis occurred ( we’re learning – I look forward to that making it to the top of Googles ‘most googled’ words of the week). There’s nothing more that I love than a good yarn over some statistics, data analytics and stochastic models…except golf…I love golf more.   I’m sure I’ll bore you with tales this year about my gigantic stochastic model for A