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Round 16 AFL Preview

This is one of those rare weeks that I get to get away for a short holiday.   As a consequence, the preview will be brief.   Bali is hardly a place where I’ll be denied the ability to watch any footy…there’s probably more Australians there than in Australia.   I’ll just choose not to though…so here are some tips predicted with the help of some awful poetry. Friday footy puts me in the mood for drinkin’ So Thursday footy throws me out and kinda gets me thinkin’ Who’s gonna win this bout between the Tigers and the Lions? Which teams fans will laughing, and which ones will be cryin?   At home, at the Gabba your money is on Brissie But the game could go the other way if Martin gets busy. I won’t care as I’ll be drinking fancy drinks with parasols So, let’s just say Brisbane, by a lazy seven goals   Meanwhile Sydney play Geelong up at the SCG With Franklin, Hawkins and Cameron, kicking bags with Glee But the ground is short and wide, so clearance is the king And

Round 15 AFL Preview

Last Week 4/6     Season Total 81/120 At last, we reach the end of the bye rounds.   This is the last one so the lack of games of footy will be gone until season end.   Hooray!   It wasn’t so bad though was it.   I didn’t actually see a game of footy at all on the weekend.   I was able to reconnect with my wife and family, who hadn’t seen me on a weekend for a few months and was able to catch up on some sleep during the day after spending the nights watching the 1 st Ashes Test and the US Open Golf – Both of which ended in exciting scenes. Turning our attention to this week’s games… Geelong vs Melbourne Kardinia Park      Thursday Night I feel I was right about the Cats last week.   The crusty old Tom that patrols the street may be wily but was no match for the speedy youth of Port Adelaide.   And now Dangerfield has broken some ribs and punctured a lung.   I did something similar at a Bucks Party once (minus the punctured lung) but managed to see out the drinking part of the

Round 14 AFL Preview

  Last Week 5/8     Season Total      77/114 The bye rounds continue this week as we come off another scintillating round of football exacerbating the twists and turns of season 2023.   In the wash up from the round, there were the usual talking points around bumps and tackles which will all play themselves out over the week.   Collingwood lost and everyone still loves them, which begs the question…when does the enemy become your friend?   This is a question that has recently played out in a major way with LIV Golf and the PGA. Let’s recap that one.   LIV want to untangle the stranglehold the PGA has on golf, so they get money from a dubious source to lure players out of the PGA.   Some players take up the money and, despite the advice from Donald Trump, other players do not and stand firm with the PGA, presenting the combined front that the source of the money is the issue and by making this stand our conscience is clean.   In the end it turns out that money from a dubious source

Round 13 AFL Preview

Last Week 5/7     Season Total 72/10   Now in the midst of the bye rounds.   I don’t mind that the players would like a mid-season rest, but I really don’t like the way it is stretched over 4 weeks.   Just take a single week off and be done with it would be my preference.   Maybe I should buy the TV rights so I can run the league.   Like the US have recently done, I just need to raise my debt ceiling and I reckon I could do it. When I was a younger man, I travelled with my future wife to Egypt .   After checking into our hotel, we decided to go for a walk.   There was a shopping mall nearby we could take a look at.   As we left the hotel, I noticed a large and very foreboding man was following us.   As we walked on, I noticed he had a concealed firearm and he looked like he knew how to use it.   I alerted my partner to the situation, and we became very worried.   We had to lose this guy and in the crowds of the shopping mall was our best chance.   We entered the shopping mall and

Round 12 AFL Preview

Last Week 2/9     Season Total 67/99 What a round of football that was.  Scoring a 2/9 was so shameful that I have dared not show my face around the office this week.  COVID whipping though our house this week is no excuse for poor tipping, although it may be the cause for some brevity in this preview.   I trust that like most people I know who read this, you don’t follow a word of it and were able to avoid the shame of scoring a 2.  Luckily, it was such an ugly round for tipping in general that, for the most part, scoring a 2 only dropped you back in the field by a single stroke.  To continue Ross Lyon’s mantra, I’m going to allow myself a mulligan on that one and strive to get a birdie on the next.  At least that’s what I can say publicly.  Behind closed doors there was heavy analysis, harsh reviews and I’ve kicked my own arse amongst other methods of self-flagellation.  But after all those reviews, I was able to come to the conclusion that it was not my fault.  Blame mostly lies