Round 13 AFL Preview

Last Week           2/7           Season Total      66/107 

I’ve been as crook as a dog this week so this is more of an apology for not getting a comprehensive analysis of each game out in time.  That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever written a comprehensive analysis of each game as this weekly missive is more the ramblings of a madman.  Given I have signs of life today and a drug-addled mind, it is perhaps tonic enough to write a few words…but I’ll be brief...the couch is calling me, and it is a temptation too rich to deny.

Adelaide vs Richmond Adelaide Oval    Thursday Night

Dusty’s 300th gets delayed so this is merely a passing interest in how much Adelaide can win by.  Adelaide by 35 points.

Footscray vs Brisbane    Marvel Stadium               Friday Night

Footscray upstaged Collingwood last week and Brisbane enjoyed a weekend without a knee injury.  Will the post-bye malaise hit Brisbane?  I think so…The Bont is on Fire!  Footscray by 21 points.

Hawthorn vs GWS           York Park             Saturday Afternoon

The Hawks are looking good.  The last thing the world needs is a Hawthorn team being so good so soon after a period of dominance.  I think we were all hoping they’d be in purgatory for at least another…maybe 20 – 30 years.  GWS found form recently, but will a week off stymie their comeback?  Yep.  Hawthorn by 9 points.

West Coast vs North Melbourne              Perth Stadium   Saturday Afternoon

It turns out he’s not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy.  Harley Reid will take a break, which is fortunate for North Melbourne as the last thing they’d want is to see firsthand what they passed up on by winning that final game last year.  While North has been improved, I still think West Coast has the power at home.  West Coast by 34 points.

Saint Kilda vs Gold Coast             Marvel Stadium               Saturday Night

A stirring victory by both of these teams last week.  The pressure is on Gold Coast to do something away from home.  Let’s see if it’s this week?  Saint Kilda by 6 points.

Sydney vs Geelong         SCG        Sunday Afternoon

Even though Geelong won last week, it wasn’t a confident burial of an undermanned Richmond.  But Sydney may have the post-bye Malaise (I don’t even know if that is a real thing).  I still think Sydney is too good though.  Sydney by 28 points

Essendon vs Carlton       MCG      Sunday Afternoon

A great traditional rivals match and it’s great to see one of these matches when both teams are right up there.  Essendon slipped last week, and another loss here could sow the seed of doubt.  A seed that I feel will be a rather large Sequioa by the end of the season.  Carlton by 22 points.

Collingwood vs Melbourne        MCG      Monday Afternoon

The annual Monarch’s Birthday match, which is currently a King, and also the Fight MND match so one thing's for sure there will be lots of beanies in attendance.  Melbourne will want to atone for looking more like my son’s Auskick team last week and Collingwood are showing signs of youthful inexperience being over-run in their last two encounters.  I think Melbourne will be angry.  Melbourne by 26 points.


More byes.  This week I’ll go for some limericks…

A team, one could say, flies under the radar
But if you’re looking closely at all the data
You’ll notice they’re better
In the dry or when it’s wetter
Top 8 this year?  Or perhaps something greater? 

Port Adelaide
On and off like a switch for the Port Adelaide Power
Means selecting a tip just makes me want to cower
But a Kochie decree
Could be just the key
For their premiership hopes to blossom and flower


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